Why Texas Needs Insurance Reform

Written by Greg on February 5, 2013

It is become blatantly obvious that insurance companies have run amok in Texas.  We have such things as “junk policies” which the Texas family has no idea about until they actually make a claim.  In that case, they find out there is no coverage under their policy.  This junk policy phenomenon comes from an insurance Commissioner failing to regulate insurance companies in Texas.

Another method in which insurance companies are taking advantage of unsuspecting Texas families is by using “audit” firms to deny medical bills that have already been paid and which should be paid under their appropriate personal injury protection coverage under their automobile insurance policy.  Even though the family had paid the bill, and the bill was related to injuries sustained, the audit company denies claims and leaves the unsuspecting Texas family holding the bag and worse, without any feasible legal recourse.

Probably the biggest method of taking advantage of the public is for insurers reaping huge profits in Texas to use “computerized” data to justify lowball offers on injury claims.  When someone in the family gets seriously injured and sustains permanent injuries, but the medical bills are not overly large, the insurance company routinely offers insulting “low ball” compensation to the family because of the amount of medical bills.  In other words valuing the claim based on medical bills and not based on human damages such as pain and suffering and permanency of injury.

Many states have taken action to prevent such abusive actions by insurance companies within their borders.  Texas has not.

It was just a few years ago, when proponents of Texas tort reform were promising Texas families that their insurance rates would go down.  What time has proven is that the only thing that Texas families received from tort reform was the shaft.

Our insurance rates have not dropped and we have given up substantial rights in order to line the pockets of insurance company CEO’s.  Just ask anyone in Texas with an insurance claim involving injury how they perceive the system in Texas and the answer is clear.  Tort reform did not work for Texas families but worked great for record profits for insurance companies.

It is noteworthy that many of the most vocal “tort reform” advocates in Texas are directly or indirectly funded by the insurance industry.  It’s high time that Texas leaders place families over the windfall profits of the insurance industry.

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