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Why Retain a Personal Injury Attorney?

One of the scenarios that we see frequently is a person who has a substantial personal injury claim trying to handle the case on their own and struggling. There are some personal injury cases that can easily be handled by someone without an attorney. Those cases are generally going to be very minor injuries and medical expenses.

The more serious the injury and the higher the medical expenses, the more likely it is that a person needs a personal injury attorney to help them after a bad accident.

The problem arises when an accident victim settles a case on their own yet does not have a working knowledge of the real value of their case and also may not understand the rights and obligations involved in the settlement for payback of certain parties such as health insurance claims or hospital liens.

One mistaken assumption is that the insurance carrier will pay the accident victim who is not represented by a lawyer the same amount they would pay if an experienced attorney were on board.

Insurance companies are not in business to be fair to third parties on personal injury claims. Insurance companies will do anything in their power to keep the amount they settle the claim for to a minimum. If an accident victim does not know the real value of the case, the odds of the victim being fully compensated our small.

With personal injury claims the analysis by the insurance carrier includes not only the facts of the accident, the amount of available insurance, the injury victims damages and also the attorney who is representing the victim. There are certain law firms that handle a high volume of cases and try to churn their inventory quickly to maximize their profits. Insurance carriers are well aware of these law firms and how they operate can have an impact on the value of case.

Nevertheless, personal injury victims are at a huge disadvantage when they attempt to settle a case on their own, because the insurance adjuster is well aware of the value of the claim and the injury victim is not. If an insurance company can settle the case for $.10 on the dollar they will do it in a New York minute.

The more serious the injury the more likely that the victim will need representation to obtain some level of justice.

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