Recent Crash Highlights Why Motorcycles Are So Dangerous!

Written by Greg on July 5, 2016


We have previously written about the dangers of motorcycle riding particularly in major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Texas. A recent motorcycle accident on Highway 6 near the Copperfield area highlights the dangers.

While details of the motorcycle crash are slim at this point. There’s no doubt that a person has been killed in the crash and it’s highly likely that it is the motorcycle rider. Details of the specific cause of the accident are unknown but the photos published show the severity of the crash.

Motorcycles are hard to see!

One major reason for motorcycle accidents is the smaller size of the vehicle. Many car or pickup truck drivers simply do not see a motorcycle coming. A motorcycle’s have lights just as vehicles they are smaller and there is only one headlight. The conspicuity problem has been highlighted in prior articles we have published.

Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased. Motorcycle riders are generally people who enjoy life and the freedom of riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, unlike a passenger car, when an accident occurs on a motorcycle it’s generally pretty bad.

Injuries are 5 times more likely to be serious on a motorcycle!

Its unfortunate and with the lack of protection such as afforded by cars or pickups, motorcycle riders and are 5 times more likely to be seriously injured in a crash compared to car occupants. Riders are also much more likely to be in a crash per mile traveled according to safety studies.

Fatal crash investigation!

Whenever there is a fatal crash, the officers involved or the state troopers as the case may be generally conduct a formal accident reconstruction in order to determine exactly what occurred and why. While this is not always the case it is generally the rule.

After the formal investigation has been concluded, the officers will generally then produce a crash report with their findings. Photos of the crash site indicate that the accident happened at night and reports indicate it was probably 10 PM. Motorcycles are even harder to see in the evening hours even with headlights enabled.



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