Why Motorcycle Accidents Are So Serious

Written by Greg on July 23, 2013

Even a low-speed accident on a motorcycle can result in very serious injury or even death. In Texas, motorcycle riders are not always required to wear helmets and many choose not to. It is the lack of protection that is the major factor in many serious motorcycle accidents. If you are a passenger in an automobile or a pickup truck your odds of surviving an accident or about 10 times greater than if you are a rider on a motorcycle in the same accident.

Why motorcycle crashes are so dangerous

The protective cushion that passenger cars and pickup trucks provide, just are not there for motorcycle enthusiasts. On top of that, the major cause of a motorcycle accident is the inability of the other driver to see the motorcycle. This is called conspicuity and is the major cause of motorcycle crashes. Even when motorcycle riders wear bright colors, which is rare, the motorcycle is just harder to see than a larger car or pickup.

Motorcycle riders must have special training in Texas and much of that is devoted to safety. Even with the extra training, the odds of being hurt on a motorcycle are pretty significant in Houston. The greater the traffic congestion the greater the chances for an open motorcycle accident. Motorcycle awareness month is dedicated to raising issues important to bike riders. Recent motorcycle accidents highlight the dangers in Houston.

The rider of a motorcycle is entitled to the same benefits of the traffic laws as everyone else. Unfortunately, because motorcycles are so much more dangerous than passenger cars or pickup trucks the riders are actually taking a risk getting on a major highway during rush hour traffic.

If you choose to ride, please wear a helmet and other recognized safety gear designed to minimize injury in the event of an accident. Closed head injuries are common on motorcycles when the writer chooses not to wear a helmet. In fact, in cases where there is no helmet, the closed head injury is a major cause of death in many motorcycle accidents.

Other Factors in Motorcycle Crashes

One of the biggest causes of collisions on motorcycles is that the other driver did not see the bike. Over and over again our motorcycle accident attorneys read Houston crash reports where the comment after a motorcycle accident noted in the report is “I did not see him”.  The technical term for not being able to readily see the bike is conspicuity. In short, motorbikes are small and hard to see.

Many safety experts advise wearing bright colors when riding and keeping headlights on in the daytime.

Be safe!

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