What to do if Your Car is Recalled?

Written by Greg on June 6, 2015

Where to find recall info

Most individuals are aware that cars, amongst other products, can sometimes be recalled. For the consumer, this means at a moment’s notice, which leaves car owners with recall information that, quite simply, they do not know what to do with. For a car owner, or a consumer in general, understanding the ins and outs of recalls is essential, not only to address the problem at hand, but to equally understand what your options are and what to do next.

Where to Find Recall Information

There are many different places to find recall information on automobiles; from press releases put forth by the automakers themselves, to news outlets that wish to showcase warnings about potential problems. However, this is not the only platform for finding recall information on vehicles. One should be familiar with the National High Traffic Safety Administration, which allows one to search for recalls via a vehicle identification number (VIN). After searching for the VIN number, recalls from the last 15 years will be displayed. In addition, one can find information on “unsafe, hazardous or defective products” through www.recalls.gov. In order to search for recall information through site, one can use the “search for recalls” button on the left hand side, or even sign up for direct emails. These two websites are the foremost places one should go to in order to find more information about a recall.

What to Do

You can be alerted to recalls in a number of different ways: from hearing about a recall on the radio to receiving a print publication from the auto manufacturer. If you have been alerted to the fact that your vehicle has been recalled, the first step to take is to look up additional information on one of the aforementioned websites. When looking up information on these websites you will typically find data on the vehicle and manufacturers of the affected cars. Generally, one will also see information about the projected repairs that will take place. After finding this information, it is then typical to take the car into your car dealer for specific repairs. Some repairs require a great deal of work, while some repairs will have you out the same day. It should be noted that these repairs should not bear costs associated with fixing the error regarding the recall. While at the dealership you can also additional information regarding what is being done, and what the overall expectation is. After the car has been fixed, one can follow up with any questions, or concerns they may have.
Although a vehicle recall can happen for a number of serious problems, it does not have to bear additional stresses. The most important thing one can do as a consumer is to seek out additional information, understand what the recall, and work to getting the vehicle fixed. One should always be aware of their options surrounding vehicle recalls, no matter how minor. Keeping up with recall information will not only alert you to problems but it will also ensure that one continues to stay safe while on the road.

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