What To Do After Your Child Is Injured At A Daycare Center

Written by greg on December 18, 2015



Number of children seriously injured each year and daycare centers is absolutely shocking. Parents and families trust these centers to guard their most precious possessions their children. Nevertheless, in the greater Houston area and across United States, children are injured through the neglect of those charged with the responsibility of caring for them at a daycare.


In Texas, daycare centers are regulated by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The agency requires that centers report serious injuries and that family members are notified according to the rules. You can find the childcare minimum standards here:



The agency will investigate serious accidents and will make a finding agency feels is appropriate under the circumstances. The timing can be lengthy for a report from the agency.


In Texas, the center will be required to notify you in writing of the injury and have you sign for a receipt of the form. Ask for names of every person who may know about the accident and write down those names and that you were told that is not included in the written report.


If your child has been injured at a daycare center in Texas, the first step should be to obtain clear understanding of what happened with your child.  Keeping notes of your conversations with employees of the daycare center will help retain the information should be necessary later on.


Documenting the injuries with photographs or videos can also be an important step in showing the impact of the injury on the child. Likewise, it is very important that someone keep track of the medical treatment providers who help your child. For that reason, we suggest you keep a log of the medical providers you see and what they did for your injured child.


Also, keep track of your child’s recovery process as it usually if the parents and Doctors who testify about the trauma and recovery in court.


If you have ant questions about a child getting injured in a Houston daycare, call us for a no obligation consultation- (281) 587-1111.


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