What Should I Do if My Child is Hurt at Daycare?

Written by Greg on November 13, 2019


Most parents need to work, and that means they need to leave their children in someone else’s care. You trust that the daycare provider will watch your child and make sure that he or she does not get injured. Unfortunately, injuries in daycare facilities happen occasionally. There are several steps you should take if your child gets hurt at daycare. Texas Health and Human Services, HHS, provides standards for childcare facilities. They regulate operations and ensure that children are safe and protected. 

injured at daycare

Report the Incident

The daycare facility should contact you immediately when your child is hurt. Make sure that the manager fills out a report to document the incident. It’s challenging to discover what happened, especially when the injured child is young. Talk to the teacher in charge when the accident occurred. You want to learn as much as you can about the cause of the injury. Ask what the daycare provider did following the injury. If the injury was severe, the provider should seek immediate emergency medical treatment. You may need to file a police report and submit a complaint to Texas HHS. 

Find Out the Facts

Fact-finding following a child’s injury at daycare is sometimes challenging. It’s helpful to get assistance from an experienced Houston injury attorney. You need to discover precisely where the accident happened, what the child was doing during the accident, which adults were in charge of the child, and whether other children were involved in the incident. Sometimes, the facility’s cameras record events throughout the day. Discover whether there is a recording of the accident or the events immediately before or after the injury. Write down your child’s account of the accident.

Seek Medical Treatment

If your child was hurt, visit the doctor or the emergency room soon. A head injury, for instance, can be severe, and it can be dangerous if left untreated. If the injury requires further treatment, follow up with the doctor, and take your child to the necessary medical appointments. Keep records of the medical reports and bills relating to the injury. Also, keep track of any other expenses you incurred due to the child’s injury. Your medical insurance may cover part of the costs.

Talk to a Houston Daycare Injury Attorney

If the injury was caused by negligence by the daycare provider, your child might be owed compensation for damages. The provider may be held responsible if they failed to provide proper supervision, for instance. Unsafe facilities could have caused the accident. For example, if the carpeting is torn and the child tripped and fell, the provider may be negligent. Many accidents are preventable. If the daycare provider knows that a dangerous condition exists and doesn’t fix it, they could be negligent and might be responsible for the damages. 

However, the most significant cause of injury at daycare is the provider failing to supervise the children adequately. 

It is best to talk to a lawyer as soon after the accident as possible. Speak with a daycare injury lawyer by calling (281) 587-1111.

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