What is this the best child booster seat?

Written by Greg on November 12, 2013

In a recent publication, the insurance Institute for Highway safety published a listing of booster seats and the safety rating of each. Booster seats are different from child car seats in that booster seat use the vehicles alone seatbelts to restrain the child. In effect, booster seats are supposed to make adult belts fit better to protect children.

Families are well advised to read the study when selecting a booster seat that may help protect their family. According to the publication, the most important factor is the fit of the seat. Because seatbelts are designed to protect adults, how well a booster seat works depends upon the seats ability to use the existing seatbelts to protect the child as an adult.

In the study, which can be viewed here, there are references to proper fits with illustrations on each.

Look at the studies best bets for your first choice selection.  Some included in the “best bets” listing are the following:

* Eddie Bauer Auto Booster

* Costco Pronto

* Britax Parkway SG and SGL

* Several Models from Diono

* Multiple Models from Evenflow

* Models from Graco

And many other makers.

There are additional brands, which the Institute lists under “not recommended”. The insurance Institute for Highway safety has provided many studies over the years that educate consumers about safety and safety products. The Institute has proven it is a reliable source of safety information.

If you have questions regarding which booster seat you should buy or whether you should buy a child car seat or booster seat, authorities such as the Institute for Highway Safety are good sources to investigate your best buying opportunity.

As with child seats, it is very important that you learn how to properly built your child in and properly install the seat or booster seat. Please read the instructions that come with the seat you select and spend a moment longer to ensure that the safety instructions are followed for the protection of your loved ones.

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