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What Are Houston’s Most Dangerous Intersections For Pedestrians?


Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Houston and across the country. Last year, 66 pedestrians and 95 cyclists died as a result of accidents in Houston. Houston Police are partnering with several organizations including LINK to start a “Safer Streets Initiative” LINK Houston is an organization that “advocates for a robust and equitable transportation network so that all people can reach opportunity.”

The program is designed to make immediate and short-term changes to improve pedestrian safety on sidewalks and at crosswalks and intersections. Pedestrian accessibility and safety task force are assigned to work on the problem of pedestrian safety in Houston. According to data provided by LINK, the three most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Houston are:

  • Westheimer and Dairy Ashford
  • Bellaire and Ranchester
  • Fannin and Pierce

Some factors that make crosswalks dangerous include not enough time allotted to cross the street, fading paint on crosswalks, and poor signage, among others.

Pedestrian accident

Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

Unfortunately, when a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the person on foot or bicycle is likely to sustain severe or life-threatening injuries. Some of the most common injuries include back and neck injuries, spinal injuries, head trauma, broken bones, and internal injuries. For many, the road to recovery is long, difficult and costly. Some suffer from lifelong disabilities from which they will never fully recover. For example, traumatic brain injury, TBI, is a severe injury that occurs when the head suffers from an extreme jolt.

Those who suffer injuries in a pedestrian accident should seek immediate medical attention. Some injuries, such as head trauma, can worsen over time and you need to get checked out and treated as quickly as possible. Not only is it important for your health, but it is also necessary when you want to prove your injuries happened as a result of the accident. Make sure to let the doctor know how the injury occurred so he will note it in the medical report.

How Pedestrians Can Stay Safe

There are several tips you can use to help stay safe while you are walking or crossing the street. Always walk on the sidewalk, rather than in the roadway. Cross the street only in a designated crosswalk area. When there is a traffic light, obey the ‘walk’ and ‘don’t walk’ signals. Pay attention to traffic. Do not use headphones or earplugs that could prevent you from hearing a horn or other warning.

Just as drivers should not drive while they are distracted, do not walk while you are distracted. Do not use your phone to text or for apps because you cannot focus on your path. Do not stand in the street before you cross because cars may not always see you. Do not wear dark colored clothing at night because it reduces your visibility to drivers. Stay alert to your surroundings so you can react quickly if you see a problem.

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