Why Wear Helmets While Riding a Motorcycle?

Written by Greg on October 14, 2014
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Why Wear Helmets


Many motorcycle riders choose not to wear helmets as an expression of freedom and many pay the ultimate price. Helmets are not perfect, but it is the best protection that motorcycle riders have two prevent a serious head injury.


In 2012 alone or almost 5000 people killed on the motorcycle. According to the DOT, that is an increase of 7% over the preceding year. Many of these fatalities could have been prevented if the motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet.


Additionally, many of the accident occurred simply because the car pickup truck or other commercial vehicle did not see the motorcycle rider coming. Changing lanes, or turning in front of the motorcycle are common occurrences where motorcyclists are injured. Head injury is a leading cause of death in a motorcycle accident.


Helmets Save Lives


There’s no doubt that wearing a helmet can save your life. In a recent publication, the NHTSA calculated the number of lives saved by wearing helmets and the numbers are astounding.


Other studies have suggested that a universal helmet law would save communities money and undoubtedly save lives.


Are you required to wear a helmet in Texas?


Chances are if you’re over 21 and successfully completed an accredited driver-training course and have medical insurance that could cover your injuries from an accident you may not be required to wear a helmet in the state of Texas.


Texas Motorcycle laws are covered under the Transportation Code Section 661.001.



Prior to 1997, Texas had a requirement that everyone must wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. In 1997, the law was repealed and various research reports have proven a dramatic increase in fatalities as a result of that repeal.

Roughly 25% more people were killed per vehicle mile traveled on a motorcycle since the repeal of the law in Texas.


Regardless of how you come down on the freedom versus safety issue, there is no doubt that wearing a helmet is the smart choice for everyone.


In major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas and San Antonio riding a motorcycle without a helmet is even more dangerous given the traffic issues the community space.


Nothing may beat the wind in your hair while riding a motorcycle, but prudence requires wearing a helmet.



If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Houston, Tx call us at the Baumgartner Law Firm- (281) 587-1111 to explore your rights and options.

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