Ways to Prevent DWI Car Accidents

Written by greg on February 4, 2013

Some statistics place the percentage of auto accidents caused by drunk drivers as high as 40%!

That is a staggering figure when translated in human terms of over 17,000 deaths in a single year alone due to drunk driving. DWI accident lawyers feel that any device or vehicle design that could prevent an intoxicated individual from starting a car or truck would be invaluable. What follows is an explanation of the most recent (and likely to be permanent sometime in the future) innovation along those lines.

Ignition interlocks are sensors but NOT Breathalyzers but would use passive devices on the steering wheel or a car’s ventilation system to detect a person’s alcohol level and then prevent the car from starting.

This is a system created to stop a drunk driver from operating a vehicle. This new technology could be voluntary, unobtrusive and unnoticed by a sober driver but be set to prevent driving at a .08 or higher. Simply put – if the driver is drunk, the car won’t go; if the driver is not drunk then he or she will not be prevented from driving. The driver won’t notice and the technology could completely eliminate drunk driving.

Needless to say – these devices are somewhat controversial. Those who do not want to see their widespread use claim that they are a symbol of governmental interference in a person’s life (Big Brother). Those who support their use – and ultimate inclusion in every new car – claim they will save lives – and are no more intrusive than a seatbelt.

Many judges are mandating the use of these devices is a method to prevent reoccurring DWI accidents.  It seems like every day we hear of another offender being arrested again after multiple DUI arrests and convictions.

The Texas injury lawyer Greg Baumgartner believes that anything we do to help protect our community from dwi accidents is something that needs to be seriously considered.

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