The Truth – Red Light Cameras Prevent Accidents

Written by Greg on November 12, 2014

As cities across the country consider stepping up to add red light cameras to help prevent accidents, Houston has gone the opposite direction.

Red Light Cameras Prevent Accidents
Houston had red light cameras beginning in 2006, until voters chose not to allow them in November 2010.

Whether the concept of having a ticket arriving in the mail with a photograph of you going through an intersection was offensive or if voters were concerned about a for-profit company operating the cameras, the result is the same for Houston.

Approximately 60 other cities have red light camera programs in the state of Texas.

Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that car accidents have more than doubled in Houston intersections after the red light camera program at those intersections was shut down. No matter how you slice it, the cameras made us safer and pulling them has made our streets more dangerous.

Houston is not alone in repealing the red light camera program. Conroe recently voted to repeal its red light camera project. Additionally, Arlington, Texas has recently considered removing red light cameras from intersections throughout the area.

There is little doubt that red light cameras actually prevent automobile crashes. According to reports, intersections with red light cameras in Arlington showed an 89% reduction in rear end crashes and 75% reduction in car wrecks overall.

The Texas Department of Transportation publishes a red light camera annual report each year.

While some believe that red light cameras can actually cause an accident by a motorist’s coming to a sudden stop, there is no credible evidence to suggest that the total number of accidents does not decline when red light cameras are in use.

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