How Trucking Companies Are Using Technology to Reduce Wrecks

Written by Greg on February 9, 2017


Technology is a wonderful thing and is saving lives every single day. With the advent of GPS, combined with the advances in technology such as auto-braking, lane departure warning, and readily available driver data, technology is reducing the number of unnecessary accidents.

Technology and 18 wheeler accidents

While not every company embraces the technology available to the companies, some of the larger companies such as Walmart, Waste Management, and others are using technology such as Dash Cams to aid in driver safety and avoid an 18-wheeler accident lawsuit.

The American Trucking Association indicates there are over 3 1/2 million truck drivers in America. Those trucker driver’s carryover three force of all of the freight our nation uses on an annual basis. The trucking industry truly is the lifeblood of America. With this demand also comes costs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that approximately 15% of the workers killed on the job in any given year are truck drivers.

Using Technology to Reduce Costs

Companies are testing technology to reduce costs of such things as
insurance coverage and out-of-pocket litigation expenses. Cameras in the cab of a big rig can be invaluable to a company to keep their drivers honest and also to evaluate the cause of a crash quickly after the accident. Too many truck drivers are fearful of their careers and may not be totally candid with the company about how the accident occurred. The old saying that “a picture is worth 1000 words” applies in cases where the accident is recorded by a video in the cab of the truck.

Also popular are electronic systems that let the company and inspectors view electronic logs such as trip reports and how many hours the driver has driven in the last day and week. Larger trucking companies are learning the technology not only helps improve compliance with safety regulation it reduces costs once fully implemented.

Truck Manufacturers Incorporating Tech

Manufacturers have also gotten in on the market with such things as sensors that can detect things from low tires to lane departure warnings to reduce accidents. Rear backing sensors and rear cameras also reduce a lot of backing accidents. Of course, these technological options are not inexpensive. However, trucking companies are learning that a preventable accident has many costs including some intangibles that add up over time. The connectivity market for big rigs is estimated to be a 3.5-Billion-dollar market moving forward.

Larger Truck Companies Use Tech First

It’s no surprise that the larger trucking companies are the first to embrace technological advances to prevent crashes. Trucking companies are faced with the driver shortage, and inexperienced drivers are much more likely to be an involved in an accident than a more experienced driver. Using technology to monitor driver safety and compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations just makes good business sense.



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