Tips For Child Proofing Your Home

Written by Greg on January 26, 2015

Safety for kids

Without a doubt, children are our most precious gifts and as parents it is essential to keep them safe and free from harm. However, although many parents will work to ensure that they are safe when outside of the home, not much consideration is often given to the potential for problems to occur while at home.

According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 2.3 million children are accidentally injured each year while an estimated 2,500 children are killed, all while at the home. For this reason it is essential to take measures to protect your children, even while they are at home.

The home is supposed to be a safe zone for your children, however this is not always the case when there are hazardous materials, such as cleaning products or even shampoo, which can cause poisoning, the potential for burning, drowning, and other manners of dangers riddled about every room in the house.
There are several things that you can do to keep your children free from harm while inside their home, such as:

Utilizing Gadgets

There are a great number of different gadgets that exist on the market, which are designed specifically to help child proof your home. Monitors, sirens, and other devices can all work to ensure that your children remain free from harm. Additionally, there are even professional childproofers who can go into your home and make sure that there are no obvious hazards that a child can potentially get into.

Take Stock of Location

One easy method that parents often overlook is the looking at various rooms from a child’s point of view. By carefully examining a room how a child might, parents can look at problem areas, such as tiny objects that children could choke on to potentially harmful items that are sharp or poisonous.

Protect Outlets

Electrical outlets are often overlooked because they are so commonplace it is easy to not take stock of them. However, it is recommended that you utilize outlet covers and forgo plug-in covers, which can often be mistaken for a chewable toy.

Use Gates, Binds, & Other Safety Measures

Aside from gadgets, there are also simple safety measures such as safety gates or binds that will help tie up low hanging curtains. All of these offer a very quick measure to help young children stay out of areas that may be especially harmful, such as using a gate to keep movement away from stairs.

Properly Store & Place Hazards

Parents should also take care to store all hazardous materials away from a child, in cabinets with a lock or high on shelves. If an item has even a little potential to be dangerous, care should be taken to put it away. In addition, bookshelves, knick knacks, and other everyday items can also prove to be a danger to young children. Thus, care should be taken to arrange all of these elements in such a way that children cannot get to them.
Using all of these techniques will ensure that your home can really be a safe zone for your children.


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