Time For Insurance Reform In Texas?

Written by greg on March 22, 2012

Insurance is a necessary expense in today’s world – auto, home, life, property – you name it and it can be and often is insured. However, problems arise when one comes face to face with ‘unfair or bad faith insurance practices’. Few consumers are found to be more righteously indignant than those who have faithfully paid insurance premiums for years – only to find that their insurance company is not forthcoming if and when it becomes necessary to ‘collect’ on the policy.

Lawyers representing clients in the position of actually having to bring a suit against their insurance company because they have failed to meet the terms of the policy are regularly faced with a negative spin designed to convince the public that the problem lies with ‘deceptive and greedy’ plaintiffs instead of where the fault authentically lies – with an insurer who willingly accepts premiums and less willingly pays claims. Or worse, an insurance company that forces a lawsuit on their insured because of the refusal to fairly settle a legitimate claim against their own insured.

In other words, the litigation crisis lies not with the attorney who brings forth a ‘frivolous claim’ but, rather, with an industry whose transparent goal is to maximize profits for themselves (and their stockholders) at the expense of the unwitting and, moreover, trusting consumer. By denying, delaying and forcing litigation on just and fair claims.  Dont like it- tough- sue us is what you can infer from many insurance companies actions.

Unfortunately, the legislative system itself only further complicates the problem by bending to the will of the insurance lobby and requiring an increasing number of insurance policies be held by the average citizen – whether you want it or not!

If you feel you have been a victim of bad faith insurance practices do not hesitate to seek legal redress. From the viewpoint of this accident attorney – it is past time to we hold insurance companies accountable for their ‘deceptive practices’ and it is unfortunate that in Texas the legal tools necessary to hold insurers have largely been eliminated in the last 15 years by the courts and our political leaders in Austin.

If you are mad about how you have been treated by an insurance company reaping profits in Texas- or mad about the high cost of insurance when insurance companies pay out in claims only pennies on the dollar-call your representative and demand insurance reform for Texas.

Until the voices of Texas families drowns out the insurance industry “lawsuit abuse” funded lobby, consumers and families in Texas will continue to get a raw deal from insurance companies.

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