The Texas Click It or Ticket Campaign

Written by greg on May 17, 2015

Texas is to be congratulated for the recent “click it or ticket” campaign directed at educating the public about the dangers and consequences of not buckling up.

According to the website, three out of four children are buckled him correctly. This can happen even when the parents believe the children secure. In order to help, Texas is offering free safety seat checkups that you can do in your area. You can either call 800 252 – 8255 or go to this website to locate an inspection station close to your home.

The website also provides helpful material in helping you select a child seat that fits your child.

Other parts of the website deal with the consequences of not buckling your seatbelt including, legal requirements in Texas for drivers and passengers and finds that may apply for violations. The campaign also focuses on the safety issues of use and nonuse of a seatbelt. Included are some helpful videos that highlight the dangers in terms that are easy to understand.

The campaign runs from May 18 through the 31st and as part of the effort, police officers across the state of Texas will be issuing tickets to motorists who are not belted and drivers who are not ensuring their children are belted.

It is undisputed that the seatbelt is the most effective safety device on a car or pickup truck. Not only is using a seatbelt a good idea it is the law. Seatbelts truly save lives.

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