The Reality of Drunk Driving Statistics

Written by greg on August 31, 2015

The truth is in the numbers and the numbers are truly scary. In the United States, every two hours three people are killed in an accident that involved alcohol. The latest government statistics further showed that over 33,000 people died in crashes where alcohol was a factor.

Drunk driving accidents account for over 30% of all fatal crashes each year in the United States.

The truth is that even with strict penalties for DWI arrests and lengthy prison sentence for DWI accidents involving injury, the numbers are not dropping.

The cost of the drunk driving arrest includes not only the fines imposed by the court but also attorneys’ fees, jail time, missed work and even losing employment because of such arrest.

According to the federal government, three out of every 10 Americans will be involved in a crash where alcohol was a factor at some point in their lives.

The scary fact is that proportionally, drunk driving accidents are one of the major causes of serious injury and wrongful death on our roadways. Another scary fact is that approximately a third of the drunk drivers arrested each year involve repeat offenders.

Mothers against drunk driving has been an advocate for not only support for law enforcement but also education of the public regarding the dangers of drinking and driving. Further, mad also supports technological advances aimed at combating drunken driving.

While such proven solutions as sobriety checkpoints have been rejected in states like Texas, there is little doubt that they are effective in reducing the number of drinking drivers on the roadway.

After a fatal or serious injury accident, the drunk driver can expect a long and unforgiving legal entanglement that often results in punishment more severe than they anticipated. Sometimes the penalties can even seem harsh when compared to such things as robbing a liquor store that clearly involved intent.

Fortunately, education continues and the availability of rides from friends and services like Uber make realistic options for those who choose to partake and consumption of alcohol. A designated a driver is always a good idea.

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