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The Real Consequences of Drinking and Driving

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Houston Organizations That Fight Drunk Driving

There are many DWI advocacy organizations that go to schools across the Houston area and show teenage children the real consequences of alcohol and driving. Or provide advocacy for punishment of DWI events.  

MADD being the most widely known.

Show Not Tell

Showing new drivers, the aftermath of an accident that could have been avoided had the teenagers not been drinking is a powerful tool for communicating visually to a teenager. Accidents involving alcohol are the number one cause of death for teenage children across the country. Many fire departments and others take their time to educate new drivers of the reality of driving drunk.

Houston’s DWI Problem is Out of Control

In a typical week in Houston, we have 11 fatal car crashes and 12 deaths. Many describe the fatal accidents in Houston as totally out of control.

Parents must choose to lead by example and not simply a parent that says do as I say not as I do. Alcohol has been an accepted part of life in America for millions. It should not be surprising to see so many young people following the lead of their folks.

The Risks of Driving Drunk

Not only are the risks of injury and death increased fivefold when someone gets behind the wheel drunk, but the chances of spending a substantial part of a person’s life in jail are very high should they drink and mortally injure some innocent person.

Texting Almost as Deadly

While texting and driving is a rapidly growing problem for teenage drivers, drinking and driving still lead the way in the number of injuries and fatalities of young adults. It is a problem that we need to address with our children.

The risks of riding drunk, are great. Many of the fatalities each week are people that chose to ride with a drinking driver.

I applaud the fire departments and individual organizations that take wrecked cars like that shown above around to schools in an effort to prevent a teenage driver from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Want to Hold a Drunk Driver Accountable?

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