The Importance of Civil Remedies

Written by Greg on March 23, 2013

Recently in the news, many political leaders have taken positions that they support such things as women’s rights or other causes, only to then vote to deny them a remedy. A right given without a remedy is no right at all.

The hypocrisy of supporting a cause but denying a remedy cannot be overstated. It is only when someone is given an avenue to right a wrong, will society ever conform to acceptable standards. In other words, a political leader cannot truly support a cause and then turn around and say “I hope it never happens to you, because if it does is nothing you can do about it”. Of course, politicians would never say that with their words, yet that’s exactly what the actions of many popular political leaders in Texas have said.

Such things as equal pay for equal work are only words without a remedy to insure that someone actually gets equal pay for the same work. By voting to deny the ability to enforce a right, the right itself is being denied. If a woman in the workforce is discriminated against but does not have the ability to seek redress, what does she have? Sympathy from a political leader who voted to deny her the ability to rectify the wrong she has suffered?

Because many political leaders and others have vilified trial lawyers, families in Texas and elsewhere across the nation are being punished by not being able to obtain justice after they have been treated unfairly. It is only with the ability to make someone account for his or her actions that justice happens in America.

To deny justice in order to make scapegoats of lawyers is to deny the wronged in America justice. So when you hear political leaders say that they support and can identify with a particular issue, yet turn around and vote to deny those wronged a civil remedy, understand that the politician does not really support the cause.

There are many people in America who do not believe in filing lawsuits to obtain justice – until they are wronged themselves. At that time, when they learn that there is no available reasonable remedy – they are outraged. By putting ourselves in the shoes of another, we can clearly understand the consequences of being treated unfairly yet having no way of rectifying the situation or obtaining justice.

America was founded with the intent of justice for all. When a politician votes to deny civil justice to citizens, it is indeed a sad day for America.

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