The Case For Trial Lawyers

Written by Greg on March 24, 2013

Recently, at least in the last 10 years or so trial lawyers have been somewhat vilified in the state of Texas, and actually across the country. It is unfortunate that our news media looks for the most sensational headlines they can find in order to interest people to read their product.

When there is a case that appears on  its face frivolous, the article will probably be on the first page. Leading people to believe that there are frivolous lawsuits filed each and every day everywhere. What is not reported however are the hundreds of cases where justice was denied to those who were rightfully entitled to it. It seems everyone is against lawsuits until they have been personally wronged and then they are outraged when they find out that there are remedies have been severely curtailed if not eliminated in the state of Texas. There are many persons who have fallen victim to a medical malpractice act yet they cannot find a Texas attorney to take their case. In fact, today most high profile Texas personal injury law firms will not handle a Texas medical malpractice case. Leaving many legitimate claimants without an attorney to help them.

It is no secret that dangerous and defective products  needlessly kill hundreds of American citizens every year. Our federal government can only do so much to protect us from unreasonably dangerous products. The funding simply is not available for the appropriate agency to test every product.  The truth of the matter is that often it is only after a substantial number of reported serious injuries or wrongful deaths that a product investigation is even started. Even then, the manufacturers input far outweighs the consumers protection on an average case. However, enters the trial lawyer and with civil justice often comes changes that protect American families.

It is no secret that trial lawyers through their actions and prosecuting civil cases have made a substantial impact on the safety of many products and the result is having made our communities safer. When civil justice is limited then wrongdoers can do as they will without concern for responsibility for their actions. America’s greatest strength comes from voting and from allowing justice for all Americans not just those rich and powerful. When civil justice is limited or denied to the effect that the rich and powerful are not held accountable for wrongful acts, we all lose.

At one time, the trial lawyers were the brunt of many jokes and had an approval rating lower than a snail. Recently however,  politicians seeking to reduce a citizens right to civil justice seem to have replaced trial lawyers in the lowest approval rating in recent memory. When a bar frequently over serves customers to make larger profits and the severely intoxicated patrons leave and kill families on the highways of Texas, it is only civil justice that will protect our communities and families. When manufacturers in China of dangerous products sell their wares to unsuspecting Texas families, it is only the civil justice system that will take the dangerous product off the shelf or force the Chinese manufacturer to make the product safe for use.

Texas has adopted many changes in recent years some of  them are well thought out and benefit Texas and others serve to curtail civil justice and allow wrongdoers to continue with their actions without fear of consequences. Being responsible for your actions includes being held accountable.

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