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Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving in Texas

I support a complete ban on texting and email while driving and would also support a ban on cell phone use when driving. Every day I pull up to drivers looking at their call phone while behind the wheel.  See a car sitting at a green light- a cell phone is likely involved. Car driving extremely slow and impeding traffic- yep cell phone!

There are many different approaches to avoid car accidents by distracted drivers. Each state and sometimes even cities and towns within a state seek to reduce car wrecks by regulating cell phone and texting while driving.

Not long ago, the federal government got involved and banned texting while driving for commercial vehicles. Some cities have also enacted legislation designed to make it illegal to text while driving. In Texas, recently our legislature sought to regulate texting while driving but Gov. Perry vetoed the law.

On my way to work this morning I noticed numerous vehicles that were being driven as though the driver was not paying careful attention. In each instance upon close examination the driver was using a cell phone. One driver stopped for a green light, one driver was driving so slow that it impeded traffic such that it created a danger and another just was not paying attention to the roadway while changing lanes.

Well this is not scientific evidence; a certain amount of common sense should prevail in Texas and across our great nation to protect citizens from the explosion in cell phone use. I am all for freedom, and I also believe that one of the most important governmental functions is to protect the public from unreasonable and unnecessary risks.

It is not so much that banning cell phone use while driving is an effort to protect the driver as it is to protect the public that the driver may injure simply because he or she chose to use a cell phone while driving.

Studies have come back inconclusive regarding the use of a cell phone while driving but there is no doubt that reading e-mail, texting or checking stock quotes on your smart phone endangers not only you but others around you. Some studies even suggest that texting while driving or reading e-mail while driving can give up as much as 2 links of safety because of the inattention of the driver.

While it may not be “politically correct” to suggest that we should ban cell phone use while driving, I believe that it is time that we addressed the problem head on not only for adults but for our children who are set to become new drivers. Old habits die-hard and it is time to set a new standard for the safety of our community.

Call your Texas representative and tell them you want action on limiting distracted driving in Texas.

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