Texting While Driving in Houston

Written by Greg on April 11, 2013

Houston Mayor Annise Parker indicated Tuesday that Houston will consider a law banning texting while driving should the Texas legislature not enact a texting ban for the state.

Unfortunately, when the Texas legislature last took up and passed a bill which would have banned texting while driving in Texas, the governor vetoed the bill. The governor suggested that the texting ban was an effort to micromanage behavior.

Many different cities and municipalities including, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, El Paso, Conroe, Missouri city and others have passed some ordinances dealing with distracted driving. However, a statewide solution needs to be addressed by Texas.

April is national distracted driving awareness month and despite the best efforts of many to address the growing problem, some political leaders are hesitant to ban texting while driving even know there is no real dispute about how dangerous it is. A statewide solution will let every city and town in the state of Texas know what they can and cannot do as far as texting while driving is concerned.

The Houston mayor is to be congratulated for showing real leadership on the issue. Many studies have suggested that a texting driver can be almost as dangerous as a drunk driver. Texting while driving can give up the equivalent of three football fields of safety cushion which often is the difference between an accident or not.

Not only will texting while driving protect the driver who is distracted, it will also protect the innocent Texas families who can be a victim of a distracted driver.

Call your Texas legislator or and call your governor and demand action on distracted driving in Texas.

Posted Under: Auto Accidents, Safety

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