Texting and Driving the Epidemic of Teenage Auto Accidents

Written by Greg on September 10, 2014

Texting Car Wrecks


According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 71% of teenage drivers admit to writing or sending text messages while driving. Even worse, is the fact that 78% of teenage drivers admit to reading a text message while driving a vehicle.


Distracted driving has always been an issue but with recent cell phone advances the problem has been exacerbated to the point of epidemic proportions. If you have any doubt on how serious the problem is walk into in a McDonald’s or other place where young people gather and watch them work their cell phones.


The smart phone, iPhone or phablet has become the centerpiece of many teenagers’ lives and considered almost indispensable to the young people. They play their music on the phone, send and receive images and messages and stay in touch with lightning speed throughout the day.


In 2012 over 3300 people were killed in automobile accidents where the main factor was identified to be distracted driving and mainly related to cell phone use.


Many states have addressed the problem in an effort to make their communities safer for the families. Texas has very limited restrictions on cell phone use aimed primarily at bus drivers, school zones and drivers under the age of 18.


According to the Texas Department of Transportation, as of 2012 at least 23 cities in the state of Texas have enacted ordinances aimed at protecting their communities by banning texting while driving. Some of the note worthy cities include: Tomball, Conroe, Magnolia, Missouri City, West U, Galveston and Bellaire.


39 other states have taken the bull by the horns and addressed texting while driving for all drivers in order to protect families for conduct that is known to be dangerous.


That Texas will not follow suit is not surprising considering that it was only a few years ago where the most popular politicians fought tooth and nail to keep open containers from being illegal in the state.


There’s a fine balance between freedom and safety for our community and we prefer to err on the side of safety.



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