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Texting Contributed to Helicopter Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board recently completed an investigation over a helicopter crash that happened in August 2011. The safety board felt that the pilot of a medical emergency helicopter may have been distracted by text messages which contributed to the accident.

Apparently, the helicopter ran out of fuel and crashed. The board believed that the crash was caused by a tire pilot who may have been distracted and or skipped pre-fight mandatory safety checks.

The accident killed four people and is another example of distractions as being dangerous for the operators of equipment whether it is cars, trucks, heavy equipment or even helicopters aircraft.

Not long ago, the use of smart phones for texting was outlawed for commercial truck drivers driving across state lines. The policy was implemented because of the potential for very serious injury by multiple parties when an 80,000 pound vehicles involved. If a big rig crosses a lane of traffic and runs into another vehicle, the odds are survival for the target vehicle are very small.

The same circumstances apply to aircraft and helicopters. When passengers are at the mercy of the safety practices of the pilots, texting should not be involved.

Texas has recently addressed texting while driving only to have our governor veto a bill which would have made mandatory provisions statewide. Another attempt at passing a distracted driving law in Texas is being circulated at this time. It is unknown whether the governor of the state of Texas will again veto a law which seeks to make our streets and families safer.

Many cities and towns throughout the state of Texas have taken matters into their own hands given the lack of leadership by the folks in Austin. While the intentions are good, the many different jurisdictions and statutes can lead to confusion for Texas citizens. What Texas needs is a uniform statute making everyone know what is the minimum level of safe conduct for texting while driving in Texas.

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