Texas and Texting While Driving

Written by greg on May 30, 2014

Despite recent efforts to pass a state wide law banning texting while driving, Texas continues to struggle with the aftermath of distracted driving accidents.

Recently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry refused to sign into law a bill which would have protected Texas families by a uniform statute dealing with distracted driving.

Texas is one of the very few states that has failed to enact a law banning drivers from texting while driving, even though many cities and townships across the state have passed their own internal ordinances.

Unfortunately, the prospects of a law banning texting while driving in Texas do not appear to be favorable in the near future. There is no doubt that study after study has proven the dangers of texting or emailing while driving and the failure to implement a statewide ban only puts Texas families at risk.

The Texas Department of Transportation has recently started keeping track of data from accidents where cell phone use was a cause or a factor. Hopefully, with the facts clearly stated, political leaders in Texas will do the right thing to protect Texas families.

The fact that many cities across the state of Texas have passed their own individual ordinances to protect families within their town, shows the need for the legislation for the state of Texas. Additionally, having numerous different city ordinances causes confusion and makes it more difficult to implement the laws to truly impact safety.

There is a reason why 43 other states have passed statutes to protect families within their state from distractive driving accidents that were unnecessary. There is no excuse for Texas to fail to act to protect Texans from unnecessary injury and death.

The health, welfare and safety of Texas citizens needs to take a front seat to the political ambitions of others.

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