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Texas Click it or Ticket- Why Use Seatbelts

Texas Seatbelts

While most people are aware that seatbelts can save lives in that they can protect from bodily injury upon impact, there is little understanding on the actual laws involved. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas had 3,371 traffic fatalities in 2013 alone. Of that approximated number, it is estimated that 1,500 of these individuals were not buckled up. Additionally, The Texas Department of Publish Safety also reports that wearing a seatbelt can increase chances of collision survival by 45%.


In terms of the “Click it or Ticket” Campaign in Texas itself, The Texas Department of Transportation estimates that the Campaign has resulted in preventing approximately 3,962 fatalities, prevented approximately 66,823 serious injuries and has saved more than $15 billion in economic related costs. This is as a direct result of increased police intervention when it comes to drivers and their passengers not wearing a seatbelt.


The projected amount of increased tickets, based on driver assumption, and direct police intervention has, according to Texas Department of Transportation, led to an increased number of drivers/passengers wearing seatbelts and thus, has led to the aforementioned figures that have been accounted for.


In order to help emphasize the importance of wearing a seatbelt, Texas is once again part of the 13th annual “Click it or Ticket” Campaign. Although, Texas State law requires one to wear a seatbelt no matter what, between May through June, as part of the campaign extra diligence is utilized amongst officers.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the “Click it or Ticket” Campaign means that if drivers, or passengers, are not wearing a seat belt they run the risk of a fine up to $250, plus potential court costs that can also be incurred. This is for each individual that is not wearing a seatbelt within the vehicle, and is not solely given to the driver. Wearing your safety belt should be a habit and in a car wreck it can be the difference between going home or the hospital.


Remember, Texas State Law requires that all occupants within a vehicle must be secured with a safety belt. This means that unbuckled adults that are simply in the passenger, or even the backseat, can still be held accountable and will receive a ticket. Moreover, children that are older than eight years of age or taller than 4 feet 9 inches must also be secured with a safety belt. Children that are younger than eight years of age must be secured with a properly fitting car seat. Adults whose children are not wearing a seatbelt, or are not in a properly regulated car seat, will be given a ticket, and are at the risk of being imposed with additional fines and costs.


According to the Texas Department of Transportation, as part of The Click it or Ticket campaign officers and law enforcement personnel are asked to enforce mobilization across the state, increasing their efforts to ticket motorists, and their passengers, who ride in a vehicle without wearing a safety belt. As the Texas Department of Transportation also points out, police officers will be increasing efforts across Texas, whether in a city, rural area, or the suburbs.