Texas 85 MPH Speed Limit Highway

Written by Greg on October 27, 2012

Texas has the honor of the fastest toll road in the country with a speed limit of 85 mph. The toll road just opened and is serving the Austin to Interstate 10 stretch of roadway.

This is the first 85 miles an hour highway in the country and is expected to be an important roadway in the future. At present, the traffic is minimal at best but will grow with the area.

Many studies were done before the speed limits were set for the stretch of highway. The grand opening was attended by many including Gov. Rick Perry and several from the Transportation Department. Not only is the roadway extremely high-speed but also private group, which will also maintain the road and collect the tolls, built it.

Toll roads have been very unpopular when announced but very well used once they have become useful. No one likes paying tolls but everyone likes to arrive at their destination timely and without huge traffic jams. Toll roads have been successfully used in Texas to alleviate traffic congestion when public funding was scarce. The fact of the matter is that highways cost money and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Another factor that is present when there is a new road opening such as this and that is that development is not far behind. With our population expanding and highways being congested toll roads are an option we cannot ignore. It will be interesting to see the accident statistics on the increased speed limit.Texas speed limit

When the speed limit is 85 mph you can bet that many will fudge and drive 90 or even 95 mph. Hopefully, those who choose to use the fastest toll road in the country will have adequately maintain their vehicles and be driving on good tires.

Another first for the state of Texas.

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