Teenage Speeding Drivers

Written by Greg on May 2, 2014
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Speed Kills

Experts have determined that speeding is a major contributor to teenage fatal car crashes. Of concern, is the rising number of fatal crashes involving teenage drivers over the last 10 years.

As to be expected, the youngest drivers have a proportionally greater problem speeding than do older drivers. Additionally, most speeding accidents involving teenagers occur at night and involved male drivers.

One half of fatal crashes in the US involving 16-year-old drivers are with three or more passengers and are speeding related.

It seems that speeding has not become the focus that other causes of crashes have become such as drinking and driving or distracted driving. With increasing speed limits across the nation and in the state of Texas, speed has been overlooked as a cause of accidents among young drivers.

As parents, leading by example, staying within the speed limit and communicating the importance of speed limits to children may save a life.

Parents may also wish to consider an aftermarket device for monitoring their teenage drivers speed. Studies have proven that monitoring devices effectively reduce teenage drivers risky driving, but most parents are reluctant to take the plunge into monitoring.

With GPS technology readily available the price of monitoring your teenage driver is dropping by the day.

At the very least, parents should communicate the dangers of speeding and the benefits of defensive driving to their children as often as possible.

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