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Technology For Trial Lawyers – iPad

There is little doubt that the iPad has taken the nation by storm. Many people believe that an iPad is more of a data consumption device and not much of a data output device. The reality is that the iPad is a great tool for many businesses including trial lawyers.

Years ago, trial attorneys needed to hire independent consultants to do the trial technology and present depositions, evidence and exhibits in a digital or video format to the jury. Today, most metropolitan area courthouses are equipped with “Elmo” type devices that make it easy for a trial attorney to show and exhibit a digitally to the court.

Another mechanism to easily present exhibits and other evidence is the iPad. What makes the iPad unique is the touch screen availability that allows an attorney to do it themselves and still have the focus necessary to try their case.

Some attorneys use slides from PowerPoint or Keynote as a method to show evidence and arguments in a visual manner to the court. There are many upsides to using PowerPoint or Keynote and the slide method easily organize your arguments and can be put together relatively quickly.

Where the iPad shines is through apps such as TriailPad which allow for organizations of exhibits and even the use of “hot documents” which allows the attorney to annotate or highlight or blow up a portion of an exhibit important to the attorney before the use of the exhibit. By being able to call up a document highlighted appropriately by the touch of a button is a very powerful tool for trial lawyers.

As with all software or apps, there is a learning curve to the use of TrialPad, however that learning curve is fairly short and one can begin using the program after viewing about 30 minutes of tutorials. Certainly, the program is worth the investment in time and money if you are interested in technology and don’t feel you are a high-tech person. The ease-of-use of this program is incredible.