Swimming Pool Accidents

Written by greg on April 8, 2012

When the weather starts to turn for the better many Texans’ thoughts turn to swimming – a favorite pastime in this hot climate. However, it would do the reader well to keep the following statistics in mind.

*an average of 300 children aged 5 and under drowns each year in pools across the country

*an average of 2000 children aged 5 and under is treated for submersion injuries each year in the United States

*the cost of treating these victims can range from a few thousand dollars (for initial admission to a hospital) to * hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the injury.

Children who were submerged for longer periods of time and then revived will likely suffer more severe and sustained brain damage. There have been incidences in which a child’s hospital stay can extend over four months and cost a quarter of a million dollars!

Of course, money is a secondary concern to the safety and well-being of a child. That is why most communities have fairly strict regulations regarding the proper enclosure of a pool to ensure it is inaccessible to the ‘wayward’ child.

If you have a preschooler then educate yourself about private pools (or other types of water) that are in the surrounding neighbors yards and/or multiple dwelling pools such as apartment complexes. In addition – take a course in first aid – you never know when you may need to call upon life-saving skills.

It would do well to remember that statistics show that a significant number of child submersion and/or drowning accidents happen when either one or both parents are supervising.

Greg Baumgartner is a swimming pool accident lawyer and the founder of the Baumgartner law firm, a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping families of people injured or killed in accidents. For a free no obligation consultation with a child drowing attorney call the Baumgartner law firm at 281-587-1111.

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