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Suspect A Head Injury After An Automobile Accident?


Car crash head injury

One of the most dangerous injuries after a car accident is also one of the least understood. Concussions and brain injuries after a serious car accident require immediate medical care and also caution.


Web M.D. a leading health portal suggest the following about when to see a doctor if when you suspect you may have a head injury.


Seek medical care immediately if:


* you are disoriented or have lapses in memory

* you are uncharacteristically sleepy

* you are irritable or restless without reason

* loss of strength in your hands or feet

* vomiting

* headache

* seizures


After car accident many people find they have a head injury that they initially thought was no big deal at the accident scene. Concussions and traumatic brain injury are extremely serious injuries and can even lead to death.


If a loved one has been in a car accident and you suspect a head injury, Web M.D. recommends the following:


*  do not leave the person alone for the first 24 hours

*  check the person every two hours

*  watch for new symptoms such as confusion, vomiting or unequal pupils

*  if symptoms persist or get worse, seek medical attention promptly.


Some of the diagnostic testing that is done to help diagnose a head injury after car accident includes a CT scan, or CAT scan or even an EEG.


A few years ago in Houston, after a small fender bender accident where the parties simply exchanged information and the officer did not even write an accident report. One of the ladies in the crash thought she was fine and went home. That day she developed a headache and it persistently got worse, to the point she was eventually admitted into the emergency room. Unfortunately, this person died from her head injury.


While this is an extreme example, people in car accidents that have any symptoms of a closed head injury should monitor their situation closely and seek medical attention when appropriate.




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