Suggestions to Avoid Distracted Driving

Written by greg on May 26, 2015

Although many individuals understand that drunk driving or harmful behaviors during driving, such as speeding, can lead to potential car accidents, which then can result in injuries or death, consideration must also be made towards distracted driving. To this extent, distracted driving refers to any element that can take one’s mind off of the act of driving such as calling or texting, switching the radio, talking with passengers, adjusting mirrors, and so forth. Essentially, any non driving related act that pulls away focus can be considered distracted driving.

Distracted driving itself can lead to a host of different problems, especially with the potential to cause accidents on the roadway, whether it involves another driver or a pedestrian. The number one way to prevent distracted driving is to focus entirely on the road, ensuring to obey all rules of the road and be mindful of pedestrians and other drivers.

However, there are also many ways one can prevent distracted driving, such as:

  • Make any potential adjustments, such as inputting addresses in a GPS system, turning mirrors, adjusting climate controls, and so forth, before one enters to the vehicle. It is also imperative that one has a clear idea of the route they will take, along with all traffic and weather conditions.
  • Ensure that the floor is free of loose items, which could potentially roll around and cause the driver to reach for them in order to remove them away from the pedals.
  • One should finish grooming, such as brushing hair, putting on makeup, etc. before they leave the house. This should not be done in the car as it can be extremely distracting.
  • If possible, one should eat before they leave before or after being on the road. On the road, if eating is unavoidable, food should not be messy as this could potentially distract the driver.
  • Children and pets should be secured before driving. Attempting to reach in the backseat can cause severe consequences as it has the potentially to force one to lose control of the vehicle while driving.
  • Electronic devices, especially cell phones, should not be used while driving. Even hands free cell phone use has been scientifically proven to have a similar impact to texting while driving.
  • While it is natural to adjust the radio while driving, this should not be done if it takes one’s eyes from the road at any period of time whatsoever.
  • When possible, one should use passengers to make calls, text, or do other activities that would take one’s eyes away from the road. Additionally, passengers can also alleviate other distractions as well.

As mentioned, above all else, one should cut back on any activity, no matter how minor, that distracts them from the road!

Although distracting driving is impossible to prevent completely, there is a great deal one can do in order to limit them. In doing so, one also ensures that they can then focus on the road and prevent potential accidents from occurring.


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