Study – it’s the other guy that is dangerous

Written by Greg on May 21, 2014

A recent study conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute provides some insight into personal responsibility for safe behavior.

The bottom line for the study was that most drivers believe the real problem that they face is someone else. The “other guy”!

A real cause for alarm however, is that approximately 75% of Texas drivers in the survey admit talking on the phone in the past month while behind the wheel. Almost 50% admit to texting while driving.

The study was to research drivers behaviors and attitudes and was conducted in the spring of 2013. Featured in the study was the driving habits of Texas drivers and their attitudes about distracted driving. The majority of people polled in the study believe that they were not able to multitask while driving which is a positive step.

However, a very small percentage of people indicated that they do not drive and talk on the phone or answer the phone at the same time. There is no doubt that drivers in Texas believe that distracted driving is a problem for us in our community.

A priority for all of us in Texas should be to address a uniform anti-texting statute to protect Texas families. While most participants in the study conducted by Texas A&M, believe that talking on the telephone while driving was okay but texting takes the eyes off the roadway.

Lawmakers access prepared the area where NRA plans to expand statute to take effect but the bill was vetoed by the Texas governor, Rick Perry. We are hopeful that Mr. Perry’s replacement as governor for the state of Texas will consider driving safety a higher priority for our state.

Source: Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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