Single Vehicle Fatal Crash in Houston

Written by Greg on December 6, 2013

In an unfortunate single vehicle accident early this morning, a man lost control of his vehicle and struck a tree on the frontage road of Interstate 45 N. in Houston.

The car accident occurred about eight in the morning near Plaza Verde, according to reports by the Houston Chronicle.

Although the photographs of the vehicle did not appear to show major damage to the vehicle, the man passed away as a result of the accident. A lot of people are surprised at what can amount to a fatal car crash.

Some fatal car wrecks are obvious in that the car is so mangled and damaged that it is almost impossible to believe anyone could survive. Others can appear to be minor yet can result in a fatality.

Several months ago in Houston, a minor fender bender resulted in the police officer coming to the scene and the people simply exchanged information. Later, a woman who was a driver of one of the vehicles developed a headache and eventually sought medical help at a local hospital. She never left the hospital and perished from a closed head injury.

Anyone looking at that specific car accident would probably not believe that anyone would be hurt, the vehicles were driven from the scene without problems.

Houstonians should be especially careful this weekend during somewhat adverse or cold weather and in the event of sleep over ice, allow more time for travel and drive with extreme caution.

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