Sever Weather- Stay Home!

Written by Greg on January 26, 2016

A winter storm that wreaked havoc across a large portion of the country – and the impact it had on drivers everywhere is reason enough for me to offer caution to people who would consider venturing out onto public roads when warned off by authorities.


To begin with – in today’s environment of 24-hour news – coupled with technological advancements in weather forecasting – only a hermit would be unaware of an impending storm well in advance.


News announcers drone on and on about expected snow fall levels and ice and sleet hazards. The reason I bring this up is that when a person gets into their car to drive after a storm has been predicted to begin and continue over a certain time period – is gambling (with their life and others).


Take, for instance, those drivers on the east coast, many lives lost and dozens and dozens of cars were left abandoned as police and emergency personnel worked to rescue drivers whose cars became stuck thanks to a foot or more of snow that fell in a short period of time.


This identical scenario was repeated on highways across the country. There’s no doubt in my mind that those drivers wish they would have heeded the warnings of local and state officials who repeatedly stated that people should stay home.


Inclement weather is an expected part of the winter season. But when weather experts are all but begging states to close down all public buildings and advising people to remain in their homes – this is more than a little rain and snow – and the smart person listens to the advice of the experts.


If the weather is going to be bad, consider postponing your trip, or at least drive with extreme caution in poor conditions.


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