Choosing A Day Care Center

Written by Greg on December 13, 2013

Millions of parents take their children out to a day care facility of some type each week. It is the most recent phenomenon in the evolution of parenting and 2 working parent homes (although many will dispute this in our challenging economic times). Although we have touched on the topic of child safety and day cares – it deserves regular revisiting to support the knowledge base of new families.

*First, do a thorough search – internet, police and otherwise – of the credentials of the facility you are considering. Any glitches whatsoever – social worker warnings, city citations, etc. – are cause to remove this facility from your list of considerations.

*Take a day to visit the facility and watch their long term interactions with children. One cannot glean an appropriate and thorough view of the authenticity of a daycare’s program in a short segment of time – such as a half-hour or even more.

*Ask for and then take time to read any curricular or program material they provide. Also request the credentials of any employees or even volunteer staff members.

*Ask how they handle children who are particularly challenging. What are their policies and procedures related to discipline.

*Find out their student to teacher ratio, the policy on snacks and meals, outdoor play time and whether or not they allow television or movie viewing. How are naptimes arranged and what is their cleaning schedule for all materials in the facility as well as the facility itself.

No matter what day care you choose – if your child does not seem to be adjusting well OR otherwise has obvious (or subtle) and persisting mood changes – do not hesitate to consider child care alternatives. You cannot function if you are worried that your child is not being properly cared for.

Do not be afraid to talk to parents whose  children are currently in the care of the day care center. They may be the best source of information regarding the center you are considering. Moms are particularly helpful when assessing the safety of a daycare center.

You should also consider researching the day care center you are looking out for your children. The state of Texas maintains a website that contains helpful information for parents looking for a day care center for their family.

It is important to note that some providers are not required to carry liability insurance in the event of an accident. Basically home care facilities in Texas are not required to maintain liability insurance.

A couple important points concerning liability coverage and facilities that care for your children. First, the insurance company does a pretty good job of checking out a facility before they write the policy. Simple self-preservation on the part of the insurance carrier. Secondly, in the event of an accident that seriously injured your child it is extremely difficult to collect damages when a day care provider does not have liability coverage.

When there is no liability coverage often, there is no justice for a family after a serious accident.


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