Selecting A Day Care Center

Written by greg on January 15, 2012

Statistics show that there were over a thousand serious injuries of children in daycare last year alone that required medical attention and/or hospitalization. Under the circumstances I believe it would be valuable to provide families with guidelines established by some of the most well-known child guidance oversight organizations in the country to reduce the potential for a day care accident.

  1. Plan to spend a half-day visiting the sites. This will allow you to see the manner in which children and adults interact over long periods of time. What do adults do when a child cries? What is the supervision like? Check their credentials and those of all staff members.
  1. Take a thorough tour of the facility – both indoors and outdoors. Is it child-friendly? It is clean and sanitary? How are meals and snacks prepared, served and then cleaned up? Are there children in diapers? What is the manner in which diapered babies are changed? How are the diapers disposed of?
  1. Do they offer an educational program for children beginning at the youngest ages? How do they keep parents appraised of the curriculum? Are activities age — appropriate? What is the ratio of adults to children? What are the sleeping facilities like? Is the school licensed? Are there a lot of stimulating and fun toys and books for children?
  1. How are children punished or how is inappropriate behavior addressed?

If you are not comfortable with your child’s daycare arrangements your job will be compromised. Take the time to make the best daycare choice for your child. If your child has been injured in a day care and you would like a no obligation consultation with a day care injury attorney call the Baumgartner Law Firm for a free consultation.

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