Secondary Car Accidents

Written by greg on October 30, 2012

As a longtime Houston car wreck lawyer I have seen literally thousands of car accident cases over the last 25 years. The vast majority has been caused by driver error or inattention. One common scenario that we see on a fairly frequent basis is a car accident after a car wreck.

This same situation recently happened on the Sam Houston Toll way and the accident turned out to be a very serious one requiring life rescue. While police were investigating and working on an accident, another accident happened at the same site because of the backed up traffic.

According to reports, in the recent accident on the toll road, a Fed Ex truck was involved with a big rig and the FedEx driver needed to be life flighted to a local hospital for treatment. The condition of the driver at this time is unknown.

The vast majority of these cases involve a driver who is simply not paying attention to the roadway ahead and seen the vehicles stop. While driving on the highway and expecting to continue at highway speeds if you are not watching the roadway you will not be prepared to stop when traffic comes to a sudden stop ahead of you.

Commercial vehicles take longer to stop than passenger cars. In fact, it takes a big rig about one third the 40% longer to stop than a typical car when driving at highway speeds. For this reason, the commercial truck driver needs to provide extra cushion us safety space between itself and the nearest vehicles I have it. Usually big rigs have a great field of vision for the traffic ahead of them due to the height of the cab.

The one factor that remains constant in the numbers of car accidents and truck accidents that we see over the years that are in effect the 2nd accident is that a subsequent driver does not anticipate the traffic stopped ahead.

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