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How to Safely Use Cruise Control


Cruise control safety

Cruise control in an automobile is a widely utilized feature. Cruise control aids in reducing driver fatigue on longer trips and works to improve fuel efficiency. With that noted, there are some steps to take to safely use cruise control on your vehicle.


Keep Foot at the Brake


Engaging cruise control does not mean that you can overly relax while operating your automobile. You must remain alert and focused, including keeping your body properly positioned to respond to circumstances as they present while motoring.


A key step that you must take when cruise control is engaged is keeping one foot at the brake at all times. While it is perfectly acceptable to keep your foot away from the accelerator, the same cannot be said of the brake.


The reality is that with the cruise control engaged, you likely are moving at a high rate of speed. Therefore, if the need arises to respond to something immediately, you must be able to terminate cruise control and lower your car’s speed without pause.


Use Cruise Control in Proper Situations


As a general rule, cruise control most appropriately is utilized on highways. Cruise control is safely utilized on long stretches of straight roadways.


Cruise control should not be engaged when a motorist is on curvy streets. Weather is also a consideration when it comes to using cruise control. It should be used during inclement weather, including snow, rain, and hail storms.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road


Time and again, the use of cruise control lulls motorists from paying appropriate attention to driving. Some people even lose focus on the road once cruise control is engaged. You must keep your eyes closely on the road when using cruise control.


Stay Within the Speed Limit


The use of cruise control is not a license for speeding. You must always stay within the speed limit when using cruise control to operate your car in a safe manner.


If you are injured in a car accident, seek medical attention as required. If you are severely hurt, you should speak with a car accident lawyer before the insurance adjuster!



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