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Safe Swimming Tips from Local Swim Instructors

kids swimming in Houston swimming pool

With Summer just around the corner, people of all ages are going to begin hanging up their coats and brushing the dust off all of their favorite swim gear. That being said, May is National Water Safety Awareness Month and the personal injury team at Baumgartner Law wanted to do its part in helping to prevent drowning accidents this upcoming Summer season. The CDC reported that there have been over 3,500 drowning deaths in the United States in the past year, that’s nearly ten per day! It was also reported that one in five of those deaths was a child under the age of 14. Knowing these facts, we decided to team up with some of the top swimming instructors and schools in the state of Texas to better understand what people can do to prevent drowning accidents from happening to both themselves and those around them.

Wolfies Swim School

At Wolfies Swim School, our number one priority is teaching our little swimmers how to be confident and safe in the water. Aside from enrolling your child into swim lessons (the earlier the better), there are a lot of ways to be water safe! We always advise for parents to be an active participant in the water with their child, no matter their skill level. Regardless of your child’s swim ability, never turn your back on them in the water. Drowning can happen in a matter of seconds. Lifejackets are always a must in an open water setting, regardless of your skill level in the water. Here at Wolfies there are a lot of ‘real life’ simulations that we work on with our kiddos, from safety jumps to flip flops. We always encourage our parents to work on these skill sets outside of lessons, for our swimmers to progress in the water even more. At the end of the day, no matter what path you take, water safety is of the utmost importance.

Swim with Gina

Water is everywhere! Whether you are at a pool, a water park, a lake, pond or ocean there are several things you can keep in mind to ensure a safe, yet fun experience. When children are involved, supervision is key. Here are some points to remember:

  • Never leave young children near water unattended
  • Have non-swimmers wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket
  • Establish rules and expectations before children enter the water
  • Lifeguards are not babysitters; Watch your own children
  • Stay OFF technology if you are the one in charge of watching children in the water
  • “Reach or Throw, Don’t Go” Never try and rescue someone of your size or bigger without some kind of safety/flotation device between you and a victim; a distressed swimmer can easily pull the most competent swimmer underwater
  • Provide swimming lessons for your children and have them continue with swim lessons and water safety well after they “have learned to swim”. There are always strokes to learn and safety techniques to freshen up on.

Blacktip Swim School


With the arrival of warm weather and summer just around the corner, pools everywhere will be opened for constant use this season. Along with the excitement of swimming, tragedy can follow. Drownings are a common occurrence during this season, here are a few tips from the experts to help prevent tragedy in your home, neighborhood and public pool.

Never let children swim unattended or supervised by other children. Always follow the rules listed at your pools facility. Never assume shallow water does not pose a threat. Keep Children four and under at arm’s length at all times. If you have a home pool, install a fence four feet or higher with a self-closing gate and latch. Keep pools covered when not in use. If you are having a larger group swim at your pool, designate one or two adults (capable of swimming) to watch over the water. Do not allow them to be distracted and take turns switching out guardians to ensure alertness.

Drownings do not require a pool, always keep buckets, bathtubs, toilets and any exposed sources of water emptied or sealed when children are around. Having a plan in case of emergency is always advised. With these steps, we can help prevent many possible situations from happening this summer.

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We’d like to thank everyone for all of their great contributions and their pursuit towards water safety not just in the month of May, but every single day of the year. Drowning is a real and tragic thing that can be prevented with the right knowledge and preventative measures. Help us prevent drowning accidents and be sure to share this post with your friends and family. If you or a loved one was the victim of a drowning accident, call the experienced Houston personal injury lawyers at the Baumgartner Law Firm to get the representation and compensation that you deserve! Please visit the two links in the first paragraph of this article for more tips on swimming and water safety.