Run Flat Tires Prevent Car Accidents

Written by Greg on February 8, 2013

As with every area of vehicle production – technology is changing the face of the tire industry as well. The most current innovation is the ‘run-flat tire’ – which is a pneumatic wheel designed specifically to resist deflation if it is punctured thereby allowing a driver to continue motoring at reduced speeds for limited distances – which may be as far as 100 miles!

The latest modifications include all of the following:

*Self-sealing tires are manufactured with an extra lining within the tire itself. In the case of a puncture to the rubber from a nail or other object the tire will self-repair either permanently or in a manner that will result in a slow air leakage. Should you not wish to purchase new tires that offer this protection you may buy tire sealants that offer similar safeguards.

*An auxiliary-supported run-flat tire provides an additional support ring within the structure (almost like a tire within a tire) so that in the case of a blow-out or other failure the second ring can support the weight of the car. This is an expensive form of a run-flat tire, ergo – not widespread in use.

*A third type of run-flat tire is the ‘self-supporting’ – originally with a safety rim inside the tire which if punctured would run on a special foam lining – and more recently contains an interlining that will carry the vehicle’s weight.

Run-flat tires are an extremely valuable safety feature as there are thousands of car accidents annually caused by tire blowouts and other malfunctions. In addition, it negates the need for a spare tire and opens up cargo room in the vehicle.

Although run-flat tires cost more than the alternative, many people feel that the convenience and safety they offer are worth the cost of the tires.  Additionally, the run–flat tire does not require you to pull off the highway to change a flat.  Instead, giving you the convenience to drive to your chosen tire retailer for service.

Many upscale luxury vehicles and sports cars come with runflat tires either standard or as an option.  Recall the old Michelin commercial where the point was that your family safety is riding on your tires.  If the run flat tire can prevent a car accident shouldn’t you consider them.

Greg Baumgartner is a Houston injury lawyer and also the founder of the Baumgartner Law Firm, which is located at 6711 FM 1960 West, Houston, Tx  77069, 281-587-1111.

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