Road Rage Incidents can be Serious

Written by Greg on July 6, 2018

Road Rage Incidents in Houston




Road rage is a threat to many drivers on the road. Road rage occurs when a driver becomes agitated and angry at another driver. The agitated driver may act irrationally and drive erratically These incidents occur occasionally, and drivers need to be aware of how to prevent them and what to do if you are the victim of a road rage accident.

What Causes Road Rage?

Road rage can be sparked by several things on the road. Often, the driver is already irritated about something else in his or her life and another irritation sets off an explosion. Drugs or alcohol may sometimes play a role. A driver may become enraged when a driver cuts him or her off, drives too slowly, or will not let his or her vehicle into the lane.

The driver may speed up or cut lanes to contact the other driver. Sometimes the driver causes an accident. In a recent road rage incident in Austin, a driver rear-ended another vehicle as the result of road rage and then sped away in an unsafe manner. The police later found the man and he was arrested. Luckily, the other driver was not injured.

In this incident, there were witnesses, and the incident was captured on camera. Undoubtedly these factors helped police find the man and bring him to justice. The situation can escalate further when drivers stop and exit their vehicles. Sometimes a fight can occur with both physical injuries and property damage. That happened in a road rage confrontation last year in Houston. The drivers stopped, and a brawl ensued.

Preventing Road Rage

Road rage can be prevented. If you are traveling near another vehicle driving in an unsafe manner or the driver is becoming angry, do not engage. Slow down, pull to the right lane, and allow the motorist to continue. Note the license plate number and call police to report the incident. Do not exchange words or gestures with the other driver as this may escalate the situation.

Instead, remain calm, continue to drive safely, and get off the highway at the next exit. If you are feeling angry yourself, do not get behind the wheel. Try to keep from letting minor annoyances anger you while you are driving. Try to calm down and consider pulling off the road to take a few minutes to relax. Allow enough time to get where you are going because being late can cause you to become agitated.

If you are the victim of a road rage incident in which your vehicle was hit, and you were hurt, you may have damages. A road-raging driver is driving irresponsibly and negligently and is also likely not obeying the law. Call the police immediately to report the incident and get medical attention for your injuries.

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