Road Construction and Accidents

Written by greg on October 20, 2012

Despite continual claims by many that our economy is in shambles, things look pretty good here in Texas.  New road construction is prevalent, (although not as prevalent as I had hoped) and we are growing leaps and bounds.

The big news in the Houston area is the fast track of the Grand Parkway, which will eventually run a loop around Houston much like Beltway 8 and 610.  Recent construction of the grand parkway has closed and is slated to close existing lanes of traffic while construction progresses.  Every time there is new construction on Highway that has major traffic the risk of a car accident or truck accident increases substantially.

Not only does the lane closures make existing traffic much more dense, but the lane closures also lead to an increase in accidents.  Part of this is due to having more vehicles travel on existing lanes thus making bumper-to-bumper during rush hour more drastic than normal.  And part of it rust from the “rubbernecking” of those wanting to see the construction or what is holding up traffic.

While there is little doubt that lane closures contribute to car accidents, the good news is that necessary construction once completed will help alleviate the serious traffic problems at Houston faces and thus on a per car basis reduce the number of accidents.

When you have explosive growth such as that in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio markets road construction tends to lag behind the population growth.  Only by taking a far-reaching view in a time of budget crunches will Texas reach its full potential.

Most of the serious injury accidents that occur in road construction happen to occupants of the vehicles.  However, construction workers are also at risk and frequently involved in serious injury or even fatal accidents when a car in work zone strikes them.

If you’re traveling in an area where there is road construction make sure you pay extra caution to the traffic ahead of you and obey all laws.  When the traffic is stopped and goes there is little to be gained by getting frustrated and tailgating the vehicle in front of you.

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