Regulation of Texas Daycare Centers

Written by Greg on September 19, 2014


Whether one is seeking to enroll their child at a daycare or taking the plunge into opening a new small business in the childcare field, the state of Texas is very vocal about the standards a daycare must go through. Not only do these standards and regulations ensure that children are kept in a safe and nurturing environment, but they also ensure that daycare centers that do not follow these guidelines are then held accountable.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, each childcare center, no matter its size and scope, will be regulated through the reception of a Texas Child Care License (CCL). The State of Texas Child Care Licensing measure ensures that children that are put into daycare centers receive the utmost care by ensuring that:

  • All childcare operations are heavily regulated. This includes daycare centers, preschools, early childhood educational facilities, as well as child-placing agencies. As noted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, all facilities must work to “protect the health, safety, and well-being of children in care.”
  • Oversight of Texas Child Care Licensing will also include monitoring these facilities in order to ensure that they comply with state standards, which includes local rules and laws.
  • Investigating complaints that should arise that may indicate clear violations of the minimum standards set forth by the State of Texas. This also includes investigating any potential cases of abuse or neglect arising from childcare operations.
  • Inform and educate the general public, including individual parents, about current compliance of specific daycare and childcare facilities. This not only includes residential daycare centers, but also ensures that minimum standards by all levels of facilities are met.
  • Offering resources to child-care providers, which include technical resources and viable information on governmental oversight agencies, licensing standards, as well as basic rules and laws.


As mentioned, the State of Texas, through Child Care Licensing works to ensure that all children are kept in a safe and secure environment, no matter if the facility is a multifaceted institution, or whether the daycare center operates from a residence. Each childcare center must meet the minimum set of standards put forth by the state. In addition, childcare centers can also reach out to the state in order to receive a great deal of resources that would better help childcare operations on an individual level. This helps the childcare centers comply with these standards and creates more security that would help both parents and their children.

Texas is, without a doubt, a huge state; however, through proper Child Care Licensing the state ensures that all facilities will measure up to the standards and guidelines that have been set forth. Not only will this ensure that daycare centers are of a certain quality for the child’s benefit, but these measures also create accountability. If daycare centers do not meet the minimum standard, then the State of Texas will deal with the lack of care through revocation of licenses and other measures, offering a more formidable platform for child safety to be enforced.

Nevertheless, it is shocking the number of day care and incidents that occur in the Houston area and result in a serious injury to a child. Even the most highly rated and thought of care providers can make mistakes in their supervision of the children that results in injury.


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