Recent Houston Accident Shows Dangers After A Wreck

Written by Greg on October 24, 2013

In a tragic turn of events, a recent fatal traffic accident that occurred on the North Loop West early in the morning last Sunday shows the dangers we face after a car crash.

According to reports from the city of Houston, a 32-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene of a car crash when he was involved in an accident and had left his vehicle, getting struck by another vehicle when standing on the roadway after the accident.

Apparently, the accident is still under investigation by the Houston Police Department, and the driver of the vehicle, which struck the decedent, has been questioned at the scene.

This car accident shows the dangers that we face after an accident. The danger becomes much greater after dark but is still a consideration in broad daylight. There have been number of people who have been hit after getting out of their vehicles to inspect their cars after a crash. We even have had many police officers that have been out of their cruisers in issuing a citation to have been run over by other drivers. If a police officer can get struck while out of their vehicle near a highway, with their flashers on, it can happen to anyone.

Some Safety Suggestions:

* If you are involved in a minor car accident, consider moving the cars to a safe place and out of traffic.

* Turn on your vehicles hazard lights as soon as you come to rest after an accident.

* Call the police to report the accident, even if it is a minor one.

* Seek medical care if you have been injured.

Some other suggestions include keeping notes about the accident and if you are able to do so safely, take photographs of the resting position of the vehicles and damage with your cell phone camera. Always be polite even if someone who has been careless has struck you. Make sure you get the accurate information regarding the vehicle and the driver.

There are many occasions where the story of the negligent driver changes after the initial accident and they are saying they were sorry. If you can do so safely documenting the scene with your camera or video from your camera can be helpful in keeping the facts straight regarding how the accident happened.

As this terrible tragedy shows you must use extreme caution when exiting your vehicle after an initial car accident to avoid being struck by other motorists.

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