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How to Protect Your Self From Zika


We knew it’s coming and now it is here. Texas has at least 94 reported cases of the Zika virus and the number is expected to grow exponentially. The number of cases seems to be greater in the more densely populated areas such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. http://www.texaszika.org

Unfortunately, many of the people who are confirmed as infected with the virus are also pregnant. While Washington DC is apparently stuck over partisan squabbles, citizens must take it upon themselves to protect themselves the best way they can to prevent being infected by the virus.

Here are some suggestions on how to best protect yourself from being infected with the Zika virus:

A). Do not travel to areas where the Zika Virus is prevalent. Many people heard about the boycott of the Olympics by many athletes concerned about the virus. This is also a good idea for everyone who is considering travel to an area that is Zika infected. according to the CDC, warmer climates such as those in Mexico, Central and South America are hotbeds for the spread of Zika. Avoiding those areas is a good first step.

B). Take actions to prevent mosquito bites. Some of the things you can do easily is cover your body with clothing such as long-sleeved shirts or pants, stay indoors with air-conditioning and/or screens to exclude mosquitoes and use appropriate mosquito repellent as directed. Always avoid areas where mosquitoes breed such as standing water.

C). It has recently been documented that Zika can be spread through sexual relationships. Steps to avoid the transmission of the virus should be taken including abstinence and protection such as condoms.

D). Seek medical attention if you are pregnant and have traveled to an area where Zika has been spreading or if you develop a fever, joint pain rash or red eyes within a few weeks traveling to a Zika infected area.

More information can be obtained from the CDC regarding medical treatment by clicking here. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/65/wr/mm6505e2.htm