Preventing Whiplash From An Automobile Accident

Written by Greg on November 16, 2014
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Whiplash Injury

Anyone that has driven a car can recall a time when a hard break was necessary to prevent a crash or was the result of an unfortunate rear end. When this happens, you may have experienced extreme strain to the ligaments or muscles in your neck, commonly known as whiplash. According to Consumer, a rear-end crash will occur approximately every 17 seconds in the United States.

With so many drivers on the road, it stands to reason that we can expect these kinds of figures. In addition, the research also indicates that whiplash can occur at speeds that are as low as 10 mph.

On top of these startling figures, through reporting conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), serious neck strain and sprains are the most frequently reported automobile crash injuries every year. According to Medicinenet, Whiplash can also be very problematic because it results in:
• Medical care and treatment
• Disability
• Time off from work
• Lost productivity
• Litigation

In addition, according to IIHS, it can cost an estimated $8.8 billion annually. Thus, one can understand how important it is to utilize strategic measures in ensuring that whiplash is minimized or prevented altogether.

Whiplash Prevention

Car Selection: When making a vehicle selection, one important aspect is to look into the car’s overall crash rating. Vehicles that have a superior rating will be therefore more likely to be fitted with infrastructure that can help to prevent whiplash.

Head Restraints: The first thing one should do is ensure that the headrest is directly behind one’s head when driving. This will ensure your head will not be jerked to an unnatural position should a collision occur. It is suggested that the headrest align with the back of your head and reach the top of your ears. You can also fit your car newer head restraints which work to minimize probable whiplash effects.

Seatbelts: If you are in a car accident, wearing a seatbelt can minimize the effects you may feel from the crash, including whiplash. In addition, most seatbelts have the ability to help lock you into place so that you do not experience any bounce back from an accident.

• Drive Cautiously: One of the most efficient ways to prevent whiplash is to practice safe driving habits. Understanding, and acting upon, the rules of the road can greatly reduce the potential of becoming involved in a car crash. Not only will this prevent whiplash from occurring, but it will also save time and money, which can also be after effects from an automobile accidents.

While it may not be entirely possible to prevent whiplash, doing the aforementioned measures will do well to help diminish it. Whiplash can be a problem that goes behind the pain, but can also mean continued medical treatment, as well as the damage to the vehicle itself. Thus, doing everything possible to prevent whiplash can help to alleviate many of the potential problems that can be seen.

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