Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Written by Greg on March 4, 2013

Personal injury protection coverage is one type of coverage that we recommend everyone carry on his or her own car insurance policy.  While the minimum coverage is usually twenty-five hundred dollars, we suggest that you carry at least $5-$10,000 in PIP coverage.

Where PIP comes in extremely handy is when the health insurance coverage you have refuses to pay because it’s a car accident claim and they say someone else should pay.  In effect, the health insurance company often tells their insured’s–go collect from the negligent driver.  While that doesn’t help someone who has a bill collector calling and harassing them for their medical bills.

Many car wreck claims can take months to resolve and even years in some cases.  Leaving the medical bills unpaid does not sit that well with many people.  That’s where PIP comes to the rescue.

Many primary care physicians also are reluctant to treat victims of car accidents simply because they expect a health insurance company to deny the claim pending the resolution of a car accident lawsuit.

Personal injury protection coverage is very inexpensive and is a mechanism to get some of your medical expenses paid quickly. It has been our experience that many credit agencies do not take seriously medical claims given the overreaching by some medical providers and the constant battle over “who pays”.  Nevertheless, personal injury protection coverage is a good coverage to have when you’re in a serious car accident.

We also recommend that you obtain PIP coverage in lieu of “medical pay coverage” because the medical pay coverage asks that you pay them back should you recover from the third party who caused the accident.  In effect, medical pay coverage simply pays the bills initially and then gets reimbursed out of any personal injury settlement.  If you have to pay your insurer back, there’s not a lot of value in simply fronting the money for the medical bills.  Personal-injury protection in Texas does not require you to pay back your medical expenses to the car insurance company.

If you have questions regarding personal injury protection, medical pay coverage or anything else regarding a car accident speak to the best Houston injury lawyer you can find.

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