Passenger Extracted from Windshield after Early Morning Accident

Written by Greg on August 24, 2013

Authorities suspect that alcohol played a role in a one car accident that resulted in two people being treated in the hospital it was reported. The car wreck happened late Saturday night on Interstate 45 near Clear Lake, outside of Houston.

According to a report by the Houston Chronicle, a man in his 20s weaved out of his lane and clipped the side of a wrecker truck. After clipping the tow truck, the driver then hit a vehicle that was broken down on the right side of the freeway.

The second impact or the one with the unoccupied broken down vehicle resulted in the injuries to the driver and his passenger. Apparently, the passenger had to be extracted from the windshield by first responders. There’s little doubt that a seatbelt was not used by the passenger given the past there had to be removed from the windshield.

Whether or not alcohol was involved remains to be seen and will depend upon the results of a blood or breath alcohol test. Typically, when a injury victim is taken to the hospital after car accident, their blood is checked for alcohol content should they have been driving.

Early morning accidents that involve a one car crash, particularly on the weekends, are always suspect for potential alcohol as a factor. In fact, the vast majority of serious injury or fatal alcohol-related car wrecks occur between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 AM. Nevertheless, car wreck lawyers see cases of drunk driving accidents that occur at any time and even many around lunchtime.

Not all accidents that are suspected to because by alcohol use to know to be the case. Many one car accidents occur for other reasons such as a mechanical failure, blowout or a distracted driving situation and not related to alcohol or drug use.

Designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana have been in the news frequently and are a particular danger for teenagers who may experiment with the substances and get behind the wheel.  Parents should be particularly watchful of teenage children as the synthetic drugs are readily available as is alcohol.

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