Pain Management – the Controversy

Written by Greg on May 26, 2014

Being able to properly manage pain is something that is a very important part of many accident victims’ recovery. Treatment for pain in the United States has been estimated to cost $500 billion per year.

Physicians, regulators and politicians have shown an increasing awareness of the use of an abuse of pain medication for chronic pain.

As a result, laws and guidelines relating to pain medication use are being reevaluated in the United States.

The danger for many people is that the attempts to regulate the improper prescribing of pain medication will in fact those who desperately need to control their pain. When politicians are making medical choices instead of doctors the outcome is rarely good.

Chronic pain is very difficult to manage particularly when some more conservative methods have failed to control the pain and suffering. The other side of the equation is that many opioids are highly addictive and can lead to dependence and abuse.

In many cases there is no known cure for chronic pain and doctors typically look to be able to manage the quality of life for the person suffering from pain.

While many doctors are under fire for how they prescribed pain medication, the appropriate method of dealing with the issue is through internal regulation of the doctors and not of politicians making choices for the patient.

Clearly there has been some abuse of the pain management system in the United States.

Guidelines for monitoring the use of pain medication are a helpful resource for physicians and professionals. Undoubtedly, close monitoring and follow-up should be part of any pain management program regardless of the cause.

However, pain victims should not be subjected to inadequate treatment simply because there is a risk that some others may abuse pain medication.

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